Tipperary are in it together for newsletter campaign

Date Published : June 8th, 2020    Published By : admin

Tipperary Community Response and the National ‘In This Together’ capaign team launched their first newsletter today.

The Tipperary ‘In This Together’ newsletter is prepared by staff from Tipperary County Council and the HSE and has been provided with content by partners in the Community Response for Tipperary and also showcases some of the community projects that have taken place to date in County Tipperary.

The newsletter will be produced on a fortnightly basis and will issue online through the various partners. Printed copies will also be available for circulation.

The newsletter is part of an overall campaign which looks at the national themes of Looking after our Mental Health, Coping at Home, Let’s Play Ireland, Staying Active, Healthy Eating, Cocooning, Helping in our Community and Local Resources. The community and voluntary effort has demonstrated Tipperary’s capacity to ensure that no one is left behind, that we remain connected and that we are all in this together.

Complimenting the newsletter issue today, Tipperary Public Participation Network,(PPN) will launch their new website www.ppntipperary.ie  which contains a new hub with links and resources for families and communities and a Tipperary Community You Tube channel which we can all use to share the great work and community effort being undertaken during this challenging period.

The ‘In This Together’ Tipperary newsletter will issue online every 2 weeks and will be shared on partner websites and social media. Community groups are also requested to provide a contact for the newsletter to email inthistogether@tipperarycoco.ie or contact a member of the community team on 0761 06 5000.

Tipperary County Council. Photo: Declan Keogh / CouncilTimes.ie
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