Dublin City Council refuses permission for supervised injection facility

Date Published : July 26th, 2019    Published By : admin

Planning permission for Ireland’s first supervised injection rooms for drug users has been rejected by Dublin City Council.

The seven-booth facility would have created 65 to 100 users per day and was to be operated by Merchants Quay Ireland from its building in the city centre. The supervised facility was part of the national drugs strategy and was included in the 2016 Programme for Government.

Dublin City Council refused permission on the basis of effects it would have on tourism and the lack of a policing plan. An Garda Síochána declined to provide a policing plan for the facility prior to the decision being made as it was feared it may influence the process.

The decision was also based on the ‘an over concentration of social support services in the Dublin 8 area’ and the lack of a ‘robust policing plan.’

The project was opposed by a number of locals groups, businesses and politicians who were concerned about anti-social behavior in an over concentration of drug services already in the area.

Merchants Quay Ireland will review Dublin City Council’s decision and an appeal can be made to An Bord Pleanála.

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