Survey finds large majority of local residents satisfied with DLR performance

Date Published : July 22nd, 2018    Published By : admin

In a pilot survey on resident’s attitudes to their local authorities commissioned by the National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC), published on Friday 20th July, Dun Laoighre-Rathdown County Council (DLR) notes the findings that the majority of respondents in the DLR area are satisfied with our performance and that an even larger majority think that it is making a positive contribution to the local area and agree that it is making its local area greener and cleaner.

We were also found to be the best performing county in terms of keeping our residents up to date on information and was the 2nd best performing county surveyed in terms of perception of providing value for money.

The report noted that across all the Local Authorities surveyed that housing provision was viewed by respondents with less satisfaction. As expected this was particularly the case in all the Dublin Local Authorities, where housing costs and provision are an ongoing challenge for Local Authorities and society. Conscious that this is a key issue, we are committed to achieving and exceeding on our housing delivery targets. Our social housing target for 2017-2021 is 1,687 units. In 2017, we delivered 545 units and in 2018 our target is 259.

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