#OurCouncilDay treding as #No1

Date Published : March 7th, 2017    Published By : admin

Local Authority’s across Ireland have been tweeting about the services they provide to the public in their communities as part of a national Local Government initiative called #OurCouncilDay.

City and County Councils are showcasing the level of services they deliver from every aspect of the council. From elected members and Chief Executives to the foot soldiers on the ground, the public are well and truly aware of the valuable services available to them from their local council.

Local services such as transportation, housing, arts, heritage, the library services, fire service, civil defence plus many other aspects of the council are tweeting today.

OurCouncilDay Trending

The hashtag ‘OurCouncilDay’ is trending as number 1 in Ireland today, and with an apt bird picture from Meath County Council, it certainly is something to tweet about.

Join the conversation, follow your local council and see what services they provide in your locality at #OurCouncilDay

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